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We deliver solid, creative, tailored solutions for regulated industries. Our proven experts support the Life Science Industry, assist with needs for meet your clients’ clinical, medical, compliance, and regulatory needs. Everything we do is backed by an uncommon commitment to our clients, from handshake to project completion.

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Compliance Solutions Framework

Veracord is a complete provider of consulting solutions to Regulated Industries, including Life Sciences, Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Natural Gas, Oil & Gas, Chemical and Nuclear.  Our mission is to apply established industry best practices gained through extensive experience across multiple industry sectors to deliver Regulatory Compliance Solutions that are prudent and scalable for emerging companies to Fortune 100 clients.

Today's organizations face greater regulatory scrutiny than ever before due to the proliferation of laws and regulations in number and complexity as well as increased regulatory oversight and audit activity. Companies with global operations take on additional regulatory challenges, given their need to consider varying regulatory environments and cultures with different generally acceptable business practices.

Because of the heightened risks associated with noncompliance, executive management and boards are under increased scrutiny — not only from regulators, but also from customers, clients, stockholders, and business partners — to ensure internal controls are in place to address compliance with laws and regulations. In response, many organizations are taking an integrated approach to implementing a regulatory compliance framework, which involves developing and establishing a compliance methodology, policies, procedures, and a training program.  Regulatory Compliance leads to a variety of benefits, including corporate oversight and guidance for compliance activities, improved efficiencies and effectiveness, increased employee awareness of regulatory compliance requirements and issues, and reduced legal, reputational, or financial risks.

Veracord's Regulatory Compliance Framework includes:

Veracord assists companies implement these key components, which dramatically improves our clients Regulatory Compliance Framework.

Additional solutions addressed by Veracord are related to the primary mission, and include development of Quality Systems, Project Management, Audit Support Services, Training, and ongoing support. Find out today how our consultants can help you run your company more efficiently and reduce your expenses. Give us a call at 408-294-5500 or send us an email at